“I was wanting to open my own server, but I lack the time needed to keep it running smoothly.

Luckily I found Rill’s Corner.  We have a good history playing together on the ISV patron server, so I thought that If they ran that server, Great, then they maybe could help me with my server. After a few Consults with the Corner Crew, I decided to have a go at my own server.  Now the Corner Crew has been SUPER helpful with all my needs.  They keep my sight Up and running, handle all the needed updates, and fulfill my requests for new plugins and backups.  All I do Is login and PLAY.   This Crew will do what it takes to get you the best experience on your server.

Words are too limiting for the services that I receive from Rill’s Corner aka: Corner Crew.

Thank you ever soo Much”

The service received for my Minecraft worlds has been immediate and precise. My requests have been met with plenty of information gathering, research, and completion in admirable time. The services offered here are more than a server – the inclusion of personal support has been invaluable.

“Setting up and managing a server was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask, and I really wanted to get it right for my community.

Rills Corner did everything – with almost no time or effort from me! The best part was that their expertise and the way they communicated with me meant I felt complete trust that their team would build and manage the server I had been dreaming of.

I now have a very happy community enjoying the server and I am free to concentrate on building my community and getting more content out.”