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Rising Heroes Report: Day Thirteen

Today was a rough day. It was a hard battle with the enemy today and I’m completely out of mana(willpower/umph/motivation/gumption/energy). Luckily, the day is coming to a close and there is nothing that would require even an ounce more mana except to get my hiney into bed after making this report. Continue reading

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Rising Heroes Report: Day Twelve

Monday. I almost want to leave my report at that and call it a done day. But no, I must give a full report. I believe my position and my involvement with the Rebellion has been compromised. I must take steps to ensure my safety, secure my stronghold, and strengthen my resolve. Continue reading

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Rising Heroes Report: Day Eleven

All is quiet on this day of rest. The only sign of the enemy is in the frozen and iced over landscape outside. They win this round in preventing me from walking outside due to the treacherous terrain but I still decided to exercise and did a quick mile on the treadmill inside to stretch my sore muscles.

I also am running out of places to debug which is good! It means the enemy will have no eyes and ears in this home. So I tackled my purse on the suggestion of another Rebel. Old movie tickets, receipts, random scrunchies, bobby pins, gum wrapper… this list of possible bugs is long. All of it was removed and my purse is now cleaner and lighter.

I expect tomorrow will grant us another new set of missions. I look forward to it.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I walked a mile but did not complete it as a mission since it was not outdoors as specified in the full mission briefing.
  2. I debugged my purse by cleaning it out and organizing it.
  3. I earned 1 Campaign Point for the Havik Faction for a total of 156.
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Rising Heroes Report: Day Nine

Today started off really early. I had to take care of necessary maintenance for my transport vehicle (oil change for the car) and so had to trek out into the wide world to get that completed. Upon returning home safely I discovered that my friend and one of my shield-maidens (wingman just doesn’t suit) was released from her duties early! So we ventured out again for a good, solid walk-about.
Continue reading

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Rising Heroes Report: Day Eight

On this day last week I decided to to join Rising Heroes. So far, I have liked the experience. Just when I thought I might get bored, there have been a flurry of missions. Just when I thought even that flurry wouldn’t last, there are more. But it does not seem overwhelming and I don’t feel like a failure if I can’t do them all (as it was yesterday). It has been a good week.

Today, though it had also been a busy day, I was able to complete most of my missions in the evening. And I even discovered a new ‘Flash Mission’ had been issued. I received a special dispatch from Rebel One upon logging in to my Mission Control center. He asked us to make sure we were limber and ready for anything by stretching with Trainer Jim. An easy and simple way to earn more campaign points and be ready for anything. Continue reading

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Rising Heroes Report: Day Seven

Today was an extremely busy day. But not, unfortunately, for the rebellion. My missions have been delayed. The enemy was out in force. I am now certain, as other rebels are, that the Shadow Organization has acquired a weather machine. We are forewarned, however, and thus I was able to make preparations for the incoming storms. Such preparations took up all of my free time today. And so the only mission I completed today was to give a compliment to a waitress who served me at a restaurant.

Yes, I said a restaurant. Continue reading