Tell us your vision

Whether you need a vanilla server or a modded one, we can give you the server you need for yourself and your community. Included with all our packages are the skills and services of our administrative team. You will never have to worry about updates, security, or stability again.

What do we offer?

Service Agreement

We will provide server administrators to monitor the health and stability of your server and take care of any administrative requests you or your staff may have. We are here for you.

Server Clusters

When you need more than one server to create content and care for your community it can get very expensive very quickly. We offer server cluster packages to help you keep costs down.

On Demand

Are you ready to swap from your skyblock series to a hardcore series? Or maybe it’s time to update your supporter server to the latest version of the game. Our admin team will get those change requests complete in no time!

Staffing Support

We are here to help not only you, but your staff as well. We will provide training as needed for your people to better serve your community.