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Playing Alone Together: Tomb Raider Part 27

It has been a few months! I apologize! First, Nanowrimo and then the holidays and then Rising Heroes! But now I’m happy to resume the Playing Alone Together: Tomb Raider series. You will be getting one every day until it is complete! And once it’s done, I have a new story ready for you to enjoy!

Rising Heroes – A Nerd Fitness… Game?

Have you heard of Nerd Fitness? If you haven’t you should go check it out! It’s a health and fitness website for geeky nerdy people like me. There are workouts based on video games and articles written in a language I totally understand. Willpower = Health Points was the biggest mind-blowing experience I’ve ever had. It was a complete thinking shift for me and I’m very mindful of my HP now!

But I digress. Why am I telling you about it? Because they just came out with a new product called Rising Heroes and I’m going to try it out for 30 days with the intention of posting regular reviews here.

When I initially saw the emails about it begin to arrive in my inbox, I didn’t have the time to read them. Nanowrimo aftermath, birthday, work trip, and then holidays…there just wasn’t much left in me. So I saw the product launch in January and that launch email was the first I actually took the time to sit down and read.

I had reservations.

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