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Rill Reviews – Audioshield

Audioshield is a Virtual Reality (VR) game that mixes boxing and guitar hero. Your controllers turn into two shields; one blue and one red. The beats of the song are represented by blue and red orbs. You have to hit the correct color orb with the correct color shield as the beats come flying in at you. There is also a third color, purple, which can be blocked by putting both shields together.

When I first heard of Audioshield I will admit I was a little skeptical. I’ve always scoffed at music-based games like DDR and Guitar Hero. I’m a girl who loves her RPGs and puzzles. If you don’t give me a nice bit of story, it’s hard to get me interested. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not going to harass anyone who does like and play music games. It’s just not my cup of cocoa.

So what happened? Why did I buy Audioshield? Why is it now in my top ten favorite VR games? Continue reading


The Beginner’s Q&A for Virtual Reality (Vive)

So you’ve heard about Virtual Reality (VR) huh? You want to look into it? Maybe a Christmas present or Birthday surprise for that gamer in your life? But the problem is you know next to nothing about it! You hear it’s fun and amazing but that’s about all!

Have no fear! Rill is here! Guides are my specialty and for this one I’ve done my best to make sure I’ve covered all the basics for the Beginner’s Q&A for Virtual Reality. ┬áThis guide will cover a lot of questions and pulls from my own and others experiences with VR. Let’s get started! Continue reading