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The Infertile Introverts Thoughts on Mother’s Day

I’ve been infertile for some time now. While it’s not a life I would have wished for myself, I have come to terms with it. I’m determined to be the best aunt anyone ever had. Just ask all my nieces and nephews. I will totally be an adopted aunt to your kids too. Count on it.

But despite my determination to make the most of the life I’ve been given, there are still moments when I can’t stop the hurt. When I have to go take a walk in the middle of a church meeting because a comment hits me hard. Times when I might have to excuse myself from going to see a particular movie with you or decline your baby shower invitation. You might notice too, that I’m never around on Mother’s Day. Continue reading


Stories everywhere!

Well here we are at the end of my second multi-part story! Crazy! I’m stoked to be writing so much. It’s been fabulous to develop my world and really fun to write stories again! I’ve worked on this world for a long time but all the little floating details just start clicking together as I write. Plus I get even more ideas that work well as the story starts to unfold in my head.

The next couple weeks will be up in the air. I’ve got at least five different short stories I’m working on but I can’t decide which to finish first! So it will be a surprise for you and for me every Monday because I probably won’t decide until 11:59pm on Sunday night. You know, procrastination nation. That’s where I like to visit sometimes. Also I got the flu which makes staying coherent enough to write a bit of a challenge. Continue reading

Stories for Exploring

Well I’ve finally finished, illustrated, and published my first short story! It feels like I’ve really accomplished something here. And as awesome and cool as that is it won’t be worth much if I don’t keep going right?

Ultimately, I’m writing a novel here. But I often get stuck (curse you, writer’s block!) because I’m still fleshing out my world. There are cultures to create, civilizations to raise up and tear down, languages to decide on, characters to build and – what I think it is the hardest – a magic system to invent.

All these things, I’ve found, come easier when I just start writing a story about whatever aspect of my world I’m trying to figure out. Sometimes the stories are boring. I write them as if I was writing a history book. Other stories I’ll go back to and trash them because they’re just not working. But some stories…  oh yes, some stories work.

They accomplish exactly what I’m looking for. They fit the magic system in my head, the make sense with the story and it’s unique to my world; not a knockoff of a knockoff of a knockoff that’s already been done thrice before that.

Furthermore, the stories are my way of exploring my own world. Despite having worked on it since I was a teenager, there are still a lot of things I don’t know about my world. Heck, there are a lot of things about the world I really live in that I don’t know about. But it’s fun to explore; it’s good to seek out knowledge. Continue reading

Writing & Illustrating

Most of my friends and probably a lot of my family know me as an artist. I’ve posted a lot of pictures of things I’ve painted and sketched. But something about that title just doesn’t sit right with me. Why? Because I’m not just an artist. I’m a story teller. All of my pictures tell a story. Unfortunately it’s usually been a story without words.

Since I was old enough to hold a pencil I have written stories and illustrated them. Then, somewhere along the line, I lost the writing part. Well, I didn’t lose it, but I stopped sharing it. The stories have existed in my head. I’d role-play them out with games and dreams but rarely did the stories make it into words on a paper. Just pictures in a sketchbook. I knew the stories when I looked at them and sometimes I would tell the story to someone else. But never would I take the time to write them down.

Until now.

Starting today I’m not just an artist anymore. Today I’m a writer and illustrator. Today I’m not just sharing my art, but the stories that go with them too. Today is the day!


Well, actually Monday is. I’ve got a fabulous story undergoing it’s final touches right now and I can’t hardly wait to share it with you! I hope you are as excited as I am to read my very first publishing- “From the Ashes”.

Here’s a snippet to wet your whistle:

From her first steps in this new country, she focused on one skill. Wielding the sword and shield. Most people who came to Drieebos picked up all sorts of new skills made available to them. Many different kinds of weapons and magics. Not Rill. She was one of a few purist melee fighters. Every moment she wasn’t fighting, knee-deep in the corpses of whatever enemy was threatening Drieebos, she spent training, getting stronger, building her endurance. This was her element and though Akerun was older, more powerful, and far more experienced, he could not beat her. Not this way.

For the first time, Rill stopped trying to hold in the fire. She let her rage out. Its heat boiled out of her stomach and raced through the rest of her body, filling her like the light of dawn on the world. Her attacks became faster and stronger with every step. People later told her that her eyes glowed in that moment and she became surrounded by a fiery aura. Some people said they thought they saw a bird flickering along her blade as she wielded it.

Please take a moment to share my website with your family and friends and others who enjoy reading a good story! It means a lot to me to have readers who like my work so much they want others to read it too! Thank you!

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