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The Hero

I know my purpose now
Amid tyranny, hate and oppression
Through smokey skies and burning vills

It is clear

I am a Warrior
The Moment of Truth is always faced alone
And here I stand

A Fighter

Though choice has always been mine
Here I suddenly find
I have none

I will fight. I must fight.
My road is clear
I die here.


What Of Honor?

Once a man was called Sir Knight
And Honor was his life.

Once a girl would not dare stray
From Duty in home, as wife.

But those are of times long past
And customs have since changed.

Gone with those olden days
Where horse and lance once ranged.

Too many people now will scarce remember times of old.
When gallant knights of gentry rode and fought, unselfishly bold.

Oh what of Honor, brave Sir Knight?
Where is the foe to fight?
In this time there is no right,
Will darkness win tonight?