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VR Commandments


The Beginner’s Q&A for Virtual Reality (Vive)

So you’ve heard about Virtual Reality (VR) huh? You want to look into it? Maybe a Christmas present or Birthday surprise for that gamer in your life? But the problem is you know next to nothing about it! You hear it’s fun and amazing but that’s about all!

Have no fear! Rill is here! Guides are my specialty and for this one I’ve done my best to make sure I’ve covered all the basics for the Beginner’s Q&A for Virtual Reality.  This guide will cover a lot of questions and pulls from my own and others experiences with VR. Let’s get started! Continue reading

For The Children – World of Warcraft Achievement Guide

For the Children

Complete the Children’s Week achievements listed. Rewards 10 achievement points and the title Matron(female) or Patron(male).

Requirements & Notes:

  • Level 80+
  • 3 Hours (more or less depending on queues and travel times)
  • This guide will lead you through all the quests for the Children’s Week, not just the achievements.
  • For the Daily Chores achievement you will need to pick 5 daily quests, complete and turn them in while your orphan is out. This is not included in this guide.
  • For the School of Hard Knocks achievement I recommend queuing up for battlegrounds while you are following the rest of this guide. Don’t forget to summon your orphan!
  • For the Bad Example achievement you will need to acquire two items made by those with the cooking profession. If your cooking skill is 350 or higher, please take note of steps marked with IconSmall_Cooking. These steps will have you gather ingredients needed for the items you will be making. If you are not a cook, you can gather the materials as well and hope to find a cook or you can skip the steps marked with IconSmall_Cooking and simply buy what you need from the Auction House.

Continue reading