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Spark of Creation – Part Three

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The old man gave me the biggest grin I’d ever seen. It made me question if he really was an actor or if he was a hologram. His smile didn’t quite look human it was so large and toothy.

“That’s good child. Because now there’s an Arrgorak out there we need to deal with. How do you propose we handle it?”

“Me?” I squeaked. My throat must have been dry. “I don’t know anything about it! Or how to use this thing to beat it!”

“You are the creator!” He said with a snort, “You have the Spark! You must create things and use the Spark to bring them to life to do your bidding! To defeat the monster! Come now, you must know how all the good stories go! They all have their dragons that need defeating.”

“Yeah, but how?”

“Do you have something to create with?”

It took me a minute to remember my small pack and the paper and crayons that were inside. This must have been what they were for! I pulled them out. “Okay, now what?”

He shrugged, “Draw something.”

“Like what?” Continue reading


Spark of Creation – Part Two

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I shouted a battle cry. Sure, to the untrained ear it might have sounded like a squeal of fear but believe you me, I was devoted to this adventure now. So it was a battle cry.

I tried to channel my inner ninja but only succeeded in tripping over my own feet and falling, hauling the person who had grabbed me down to the ground too. I added ninja (right underneath woodsman) to my list of things I would not grow up to be. I finally managed to disentangle myself from the other person, who it turned out, was a rather hairy man. He was a waifish fellow with a white beard nearly down to his knees but as he got up I suspected it only looked long because he was bowed over with age.

He grumped and complained about ‘youngsters these days’, which made me feel a little guilty for knocking such an old guy to the ground.

“Well?” I said, a bit defensively, “You shouldn’t just grab random people in the woods!” Continue reading

Spark of Creation – Part One

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I got lost.

I mean, not so lost that I’d never make it back to civilization before I starved to death. Just lost enough that I could pretend I didn’t live in suburbia in 2020 for a few hours.

Renaissance, I thought to myself. Knights and lords and ladies. A simpler time where your enemies were known and you knew exactly how to deal with them; with a sword to be precise. These woods could be the King’s Forest – protected for the King’s pleasure. Perhaps I was a servant gathering deadwood for winter. Or maybe I was a woodsman, tasked with keeping trespassers out. Maybe I was tracking down a poacher!

Liking that idea, I knelt and examined the ground. Normally, if there were people around I would just casually look. But there was no one to see me – ‘lost’ as I was. Which was the point. A right-brainer like myself needs to jump start the creativity now and again and this little “create your own adventure” ad I saw in the classifieds on the local news site sounded like fun. So far, it had been.

We met at the park, were given some packs and then ushered onto a bus for a two hour drive to the closest National Park. On the way there we had opened our packs to discover some water, granola bars, paper, crayons (crayons? seriously? who puts crayons in an adult’s pack?), a pocket knife, a flashlight, and some rope. Upon arrival at a Park Ranger station we were given a few hiker safety instructions then told to simply wander and go have an adventure. This was an exercise meant to help jumpstart our creativity. Continue reading

Under the Mountain – Part Seven

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Ru closed his eyes, ignoring the sensation. Then they were in a different place. There was nothingness all around them. Ru looked right and left. Mereb and Shannon were there.

“What is this place?” Ru asked.

“It’s a mindscape,” Lazarus said, appearing beside them. Ru jumped. Lazarus began to lead them away. Where, he didn’t know. There were no landmakrs, no scenery to help orient himself. He only knew they were moving.

Laz continued talking as he walked, “This place is outside your conscious mind on the edges of the spirit realm. The white blankness you see is called the Veil. If you find a place where it looks like you can go through, don’t. It will separate your spirit from your body and you will die.”

After a short distance they halted. “Ru, you are able to enhance our spells and make them more potent, right?” Lazarus asked him.

Ru nodded, “If I have adrenaline to draw from. I don’t have much right now. The fighting is over.”

“Illyoten has been fighting the demon lord, you can take over for him and he can concentrate on healing with Shannon.” Continue reading

Under the Mountain – Part Six

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Ru swore and started getting to his feet. “That will have to do Illyoten,” He said. “Thanks.”

“I need your help over here, Ill!” Shannon called.

“A moment!” He called back then spoke hurriedly to Ru, “The demon lord is a mind mage. He got in my head and trapped me in a childhood memory then tried to kill me by corrupting the memory. I was able to fight him off only by healing him. I’m not sure why that hurts him but it was enough to drive him from my mind.”

“Thanks, that helps.” Ru said. Illyoten nodded and hurried over to help Shannon with the rest of the wounded. Ru picked up his sword and shield and began to bark out orders in rapid succession. As he did, he opened his tin of millwax and began to apply it rapidly to the emptied runic carvings on his gear.

“Everyone recharge your gear now, quickly. It’s going to be a dicey fight but focus on those demonlings. Shannon; fighters up as soon as possible everyone else is secondary. Lazarus; find out where the demon lord is pulling power from and cut him off. Cryan; I need to you figure out how to keep that lava from reaching us. Illyoten; figure out if you can use the healing trick on the demon lord from this distance.”

Illyoten nodded, “Lazarus, I may need your assistance in reaching his roots. They are not of this world but perhaps as a source mage, you could connect me to him.”

The two men sat facing each other in meditation pose, bowed their head and closed their eyes, focused on their respective assignments. Continue reading

Under the Mountain – Part Five

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A thunderous lightning bolt streaked across the room striking into a deep cut he had made previously. The beast convulsed and twitched – howling in agony. Ru grinned again, Cryan had helped him carve that particular rune spell on his hilts. He could only do it once in a fight but it was usually worth it, despite the ringing it left in his ears.

Then Ru was charging back in, swords slashing in the air in front of him, sending more arcs of energy before he reengaged in melee with the beast. Ru never missed. He couldn’t, not with something that huge. The demon, in turn, swiped and bit at him and despite Ru’s best efforts to dodge and twist he was not as nimble as Krolis and could not remain uninjured. Shannon was as quick as she could be to heal him, halting all healing on other members of their party for a moment while she rapidly repaired damage to Ru.

He flung out more arcs of energy from his sword, doing everything in his power to keep the demon’s attention on him. Despite that, the demon still bit or swiped at the fighters on the ground, slowly beating through the magical shields until there were only two left. Continue reading

Under the Mountain – Part Four

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Ru blinked and looked around. “He was just here…”

They started to search the immediate vicinity but Mereb stopped them by holding up his hands and saying, “Stop moving about, you’re jumbling up his root trail.”

They all froze. Mereb’s eyes unfocused for a few minutes. Then his head snapped up and he stared down the narrowest tunnel.

“Holy Maker,” He said. “He’s gone into the cavern.”

Ru rushed down the tunnel and to the cavern entrance, the group following on his heels. There, in the center of the wide open expanse, was Illyoten. He was wandering aimlessly, peering up at the walls and ceiling, then down at the floor. So far he had not disturbed the gigantic sleeping form of the demon wolf.

“Illyoten!” Ru hissed but the man didn’t appear to hear him. Ru didn’t dare say anything louder. He turned to Laz.

“Is it a spell of some kind?” Ru asked.

Laz frowned, eyes locked on Illyoten. “There is….something. It feels like mind magery but it’s…different.”

“Can you stop it? Or find out where it’s coming from?”

Laz shook his head, “I’m trying but whatever it is, it’s evading me.” Continue reading