Virtual Reality

Okay, let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate. I know I’m late to the party. Virtual Reality (VR) has been around a couple of years now. It’s not brand spanking new. That’s okay. I’ve decided to jump in anyway because this gaming revolution is just starting to gain some momentum.

It’s difficult to describe Virtual Reality to someone who has never tried it before. Imgaine you live in Star Trek and you walked onto the holodeck. It’s like that. No really. Just like that. When you put that headset on you are in a different place. You can experience the ocean by walking on the sea floor in theBlu or fight off evil corporate robots in Raw Data. Then when you take off the headset you’re a little disappointed at the lack of jellyfish and dead robots in your living room. It’s that immersive.

It’s immersive to the point that I’ve done very little gaming the last few months except in VR (I have an HTC Vive for those who simply must know). Consider this a head’s up for lots of VR related content incoming! Steam Summer Sale just ended not long ago and I stuffed my games list with a bunch of good deals. I’ve already got a couple things in the works from beginner’s guides to game reviews so stay tuned!

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