Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Nine

It was a good day today. I was tired because I only had about four hours of sleep because I stayed up to complete my full review of Rising Heroes. Despite that though, I got all my missions done, it was a gorgeous day, and work wasn’t busy at all.

At the end of the work day my friend called and asked if I could run over to her house to let her animals out for potty breaks and feeding time since she wasn’t going to be home for a while still. No problem! I did my walk around her property with her dog instead of around my place! The dog certainly had a good time and was quite happy to make sure there were no enemy agents in the area. 

When I got back home I immediately did my mobility and stretching missions and finished up the day with tracking expenses before calling it a day and going to work on dinner. Overall a nice, easy, good day. Tomorrow will be the last day that I will be submitting daily reports and daily videos. The next day I will update my review post with my measurements and progress. More information about what comes next will be in tomorrow’s report.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I completed my exercise mission at a friends house.
  2. I completed my mobility/stretching mission when I got back home.
  3. I completed the tracking expenses mission.
  4. I earned 8 Campaign Points for Havik for a total of 47.

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