Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Eight

Today started off good but then lunch time hit and I really did not want to exercise. I can’t really explain why. It was just one of those times where you don’t feel like giving it your all. You just dun wanna. But then I thought to myself, “What would Rill do?”

You see, Rill is my alter ego. She is my avatar and my alias. Rill is the person who I want to become. She is my future self. My perfect self. The one I want to be. She is strong and capable and knowledgeable and good. She’s a fighter and a writer. A philosopher and a teacher. A leader and a friend. Basically everything I wish to and want to be. So when I thought, What would Rill do? I was really asking myself, what would my future self do if my future self was me right now.

Rill would freakin’ shut up and go do the workout. I made Havik proud today. I put on my workout clothes and made a deal with myself to do at least one round of Trainer Jim’s workout. But when I finished that, I felt better and went ahead and did the whole thing anyway. I added more weight to my dumbells and I was able to do lunges without holding onto anything. Progress! I felt really good so just before stretching I also did the mobility drills.

Half the day gone and all but one of my missions complete. I took my shower and spent the rest of my lunch break saying ‘hi and welcome’ to more new recruits. I stepped back into my office to work feeling really great.

Then the Shadow Organization tried to derail my afternoon by sabotaging my printer! The printer jammed up while I was printing some documents for work and I turned around to fix it and there was smoke coming out of my printer! EEP! I burned my fingers a little bit while pulling it apart to get the toner-covered, smoking bits removed. I discovered the problem was that there were some receipts that had been put atop the paper feeder tray that had gotten sucked into the machine when it started to print. That’s what jammed it up in a very warm place and started things a-smokin’. But I got it all fixed and cleaned up and working correctly so take THAT Shadow Organization! I even went on a bonus walk afterwards! I win!

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. On my lunch break I completed the exercise mission and the mobility mission.
  2. I greeted some more new recruits (mission complete but it felt like it should be a recurring one!)
  3. Fixed the printer (I feel like I should get points for that one)
  4. Went on a bonus non-mission walk.
  5. I earned 8 Campaign Points for a total of 39 for Havik.

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