Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Six

Today begins Week One of Campaign Two, the quest to find Staci’s dog Madi. Because information the hacker has given us has led us to believe that the has financial ties with a suspicious ‘bank’, all Rebels are being asked to look to the condition of their finances. This week’s missions are a reflection of that goal.

I have been asked to do two, finance-related, missions. The first is to list all of my debt. That was easy since I have only one debt and a plan already in place to tackle it. The second is to make a daily log of all my expenditures so that I know exactly how much I am spending and be able to make changes if necessary. Also a simple mission by the simple fact that I don’t spend money until the weekend when I do my grocery shopping. I shall, however, keep a log of expenses anyway and offer my experience to anyone who need assistance.

The next missions for this week are to help us to find Madi. I have been asked to work on mobility. In the hopes that we will locate Madi, and be able to launch a rescue, we have to be quick, mobile, flexible… All the things I am not… yet. But I’m getting there.

Jim’s training has been especially helpful in that regard and I find myself continually improving each week. I have been tasked with a daily task of getting at least 15 minutes of exercise in. That’s no problem on training days now. On off days I shall go for a walk or do yoga, depending on temperature and if I’m feeling sore or not. Today was a sunny, warm-ish day so I was able to get both my training and an outdoor walk in. We have also been asked to complete specific stretching and mobility exercises which I struggled to do today but I will continue to try in order to get better at them.

Recruitment is open again and our last mission for the week is to welcome at least five new recruits. I love helping people, especially newbies, so I’ll be the first in line for this mission. Camaraderie is important. We all need each other’s support and help. We’re all in this together.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. January’s campaign is over and February’s campaign has begun. Points earned have been reset, the Campaign Progress bar has reset, the week counter has been reset. Havik was announced as the winner of last month’s point accumulation.
  2. The theme for January is ‘Mo Money, Mo Mobility’. We are supposed to increase our flexibility and mobility in order to be ready to help rescue Staci’s dog from the nappers. We also have learned that the hacker has ties to a bank so we are to get our finances in-order/under-control this month. The missions for week one are as follows:
  3. Keep Moving: Exercise for 15 minutes daily.
  4. Track to Fight Back: Document/Track daily expenditures
  5. Outline Your Debts: Check your Credit Report and list your debts.
  6. Welcome the Fresh Fish: Recruitment for Rising Heroes is open again. Welcome at least 5 new members.
  7. Today I completed all but the Welcoming mission.
  8. I earned 18 Campaign Points for Havik for a total of …18 contributed this month. ^_^

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