Rising Heroes Day Twenty Five

The last week. It’s hard to believe I’m here already. Today was a day of rest but it has had me thinking all day. I’m curious to see if we continue on with Week Five or if we will start over at Week One. Or if it’s Week Five until February 1st and then we start over. I’m also curious to see when recruitment will be opened again. This week, being the last week of the month, holds many questions that will soon be answered.

I completed all my missions today. Balancing has been a fun little mission to do and I did go on a voluntary walk with my husband and we talked more finances to maintain the strength of that foundation. It was refreshing and restful and good to get some fresh air and sunshine. I’ve found that I’m enjoying doing that even though it’s cold. Because I fought through the cold early in the month, it doesn’t seem like such an obstacle any more on most day.

I look forward to the new missions tomorrow and to find out if we’ve learned anything more about Staci’s dog! I’d like to bash some virtual heads in when we find out who is responsible for that! Furbabies are off limits!

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I completed the make-bed mission.
  2. I completed the balance mission.
  3. I completed the no-fast-food mission.
  4. I did a voluntary walk with the hubby and doubled down on the financial flash mission.
  5. I earned 8 Points for Havik today for a total of 299.

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