Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Four

Today was a pretty typical Saturday except for some family visiting. I did not complete the Fast Food Finale mission again today because…well, barbecue. Kansas City style barbecue. I’m pretty sure there are no Shadow Organization ties with our favorite barbecue joint but I’ve been wrong before. I shall have to study it closely for a while. Today, perhaps, I studied a little too closely!

Despite that, I did complete the other missions today including the Flash Mission because we talked a lot about finances while eating the afore mentioned barbecue. I did my personal missions of grocery shopping and chores though I still did not get to go see Grandma or do meal prep. It’s a good thing tomorrow is another day!

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I completed the make-bed mission.
  2. I completed the balance mission.
  3. I did not complete the fast-food mission but while I was failing that mission I did complete the financial talk flash mission.
  4. I earned 9 points for Havik Faction today for a total of 291.

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