Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Three

The fiendish fiends! The devilish devils! The monstrous monsters! The shadow organization has stolen the pooch of Staci (one of our Rebel Leaders at Nerd Fitness and Rising Heroes). They left a note behind. I expect they want to trade the hacker for the dog. Maybe he does know something after all if they’re that desperate. 

The hacker has revealed some information about his and the shadow organizations ties to financial institutions. This explains the flash mission I have received to get my finances in order and protect them from nefarious plots. They shall not influence me. I am a bastion of defense!

Despite concerns for Staci’s beloved dog, I did complete all missions today. I was tired and did not do as well with the Training mission as I might have done on a good night’s sleep. I’m not disappointed though. I have to build habits as well as muscles. Doing the exercise, even if it wasn’t anywhere near top performance, is what really matters. I did discover that Jim’s balance training has been having a positive effect on my lunges. I don’t have to hold the bar tightly to keep my balance when performing them now. I just lightly have my fingertips on it and I think I will be able to stop doing even that with a little more balance training.

I am going out to eat this evening but will restrict my choices to good ones for my health and for the Rebellion!

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. The flash mission from yesterday was tied in today with news that the hacker has revealed some vague information about the shadow organizations ties to major financial institutions.
  2. I completed the make your bed mission.
  3. I completed the workout mission.
  4. I completed the balance mission.
  5. I did not complete the no-fast-food mission but am marking it complete to make up for not marking it on monday.
  6. I earned 14 Points for Havik Faction for a total of 282.

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