Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Two

This morning I was disappointed when I opened Mission Control and found no flash missions. But then later logged in again to find that one indeed had appeared! This new flash mission has tasked me with securing my financial future by having a meaningful discussion about it with someone close to me. This has been a week of missions that lay well within my capabilities. My husband and I love to talk finances so this mission will be no problem. It’s nice to have a week where things are going well after the struggles of last week. 

The mission specifically asks me to ask for accountability, and to discuss why financial stability is important. I’m going to adjust that a little bit according to my situation and discuss financial goals with my husband instead. We both hold each other well accountable for our finances. We also understand the importance of stability but it doesn’t hurt to cover the topic again! As Zig Ziglar says, “Repetition is the mother of learning and the father of action.”

I handily completed the balance missions today though I tried to add more challenge to it since I don’t want things to get TOO easy. That might put me in danger of complacency. I also completed the Fast Food Finale today and will complete the Wake and Make your Bed mission as soon as the sheets are done drying!

I have a girl’s night out planned for tomorrow evening. I expect enemy agents everywhere and will have to tread carefully.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I completed the make your bed mission (later because I washed the sheets).
  2. I completed the balance mission and did one of the suggested things to make it more challenging.
  3. I completed the no-fast-food daily mission.
  4. I new flash mission appeared today but instead of a 24hr time limit like the last flash mission this one is not due until Sunday. The mission is called Financial Foundations and it requires you to have a 20~ minute meaningful conversation with someone close to you about your finances and goals.
  5. I earned 8 Points for Havik Faction today for a total of 274.

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