Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty

Today was a much slower day than yesterday but I was still plenty busy with my day job. Still, I found time to go through the parts of yesterdays dispatches that I had not been able to read yet. To my mixed delight and dismay I found that the Fast Food Finale mission was a daily mission! Every day we avoid the perils of fast food we can mark that mission complete and earn more points for our faction. I wish I had realized that sooner and I could have earned four more points for Havik yesterday! Alas, I can’t go back and change it but it shall probably even itself out on Friday.

That being said, I completed all my other missions first thing in the morning. Piece of cake. Homemade cake. And I did go all day again without any fast food. After work I trekked out to patrol the perimeter with my husband and checked in with the horses. I had not brought them treats yesterday so I brought them double treats today to ensure their loyalty. They are very forgiving and reminded me that their loyalty is not as fickle as the cats.

I find that this weeks missions are easier than I expected but I have hopes there will be another flash mission before the month is out to increase the challenge.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. (I missed 4 points yesterday for the *daily* eat no fast food mission. I will earn it back Friday. See above for details.)
  2. I completed the make-your-bed daily mission.
  3. I completed the balance daily mission
  4. I completed the now completely optional (not listed in the mission control list) walk-a-mile mission.
  5. I completed the no-fast-food daily mission.
  6. I am heading into the second half of my social media purge mission.
  7. I earned 8 Campaign Points for Havik Faction for a total of 242.


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