Rising Heroes Report: Day Nineteen

New missions were dispatched today along with more information about the hacker we have in custody. After the usual threats and clamming up, the higher-ups decided to put the question to the people. We have been asked to vote on the fate of the hacker. Should we put him in a hole somewhere until he decides to talk or should we let him go and try to track him back to his headquarters.

Personally I think he’s a very small fish in a very big pond. We should tag him and track him back to his superiors. Others disagree of course, but I am firm in my vote on this course of action. I suppose it’s not in a Havik’s nature to sit on our thumbs and wait for something the hacker might be stubborn enough not to give! 

But I digress. The mile walk mission has been discontinued though we are encouraged to continue on our own to keep up our strength an endurance. I walked today on the treadmill but not outside because it got darker faster than I ran out of things to do. The walking mission appears to be replaced with a ‘Balance’ mission in which Trainer Jim has challenged us all to improve our balance by standing on one leg. We must do both legs at some point during the day and he had many suggestions on when to do it and how to make it easier or harder.

We are also continuing with the Wake And Make your bed as another daily mission and we are continuing with three times weekly exercise with Trainer Jim (also done today and I did 20 squats in a row without stopping! It was awesome!). The specialization mission has disappeared again but I hope to continue that one on my own again too since I’ve almost got the Happy Birthday Song down pat!

Lastly the two new weekly missions both will present a small challenge for me. The first is to go without social media for 48 hours and the second is to go without fast food for seven days straight. Let’s tackle that first one.

I use social media for this blog and sometimes for work and to keep an eye on several gaming fansites that I  help out with. So instead of a complete social media purge, I will simply remove the mindless scrolling that I sometimes do. I have moved the app to a different place on my phone to help me stop and think about whether or not I really need to open Facebook.

The second one is generally no problem but I will have to discuss with my husband about dinner options on Friday. Friday is usually date night where we go out, eat some food, watch a movie…or whatever. It’s the only night of the week, usually, that I get a break from cooking. But a challenge is a challenge and a mission is a mission. This is the first one that I’m really, truly, unsure of whether or not I will complete it.

But we shall see. You never know what you decide you’ll be capable of when the time comes for it. Overall the day was excellent and I look forward to completing these new objectives. My version of the social media purge begins tonight and will complete on Wednesday.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I read all the new missions as outlined above in more detail: make-your-bed daily, balance on one leg (1x each leg) for 20 seconds daily, exercise 20 min 3x weekly, go without social media for 48 hours and go without eating fast food for seven days.
  2. Specialization mission has been removed though I’m sure specialization missions will become a regular thing. My guess is twice monthly for one week.
  3. Walking mission has been removed though we are encouraged to continue to walk with the hint that faction-specific missions might be forthcoming along this topic.
  4. I completed the make your bed mission
  5. I completed the balance mission.
  6. I begin my version of the social media purge (remove unnecessary scrolling – use only for work) tonight.
  7. I earned 10 Campaign Points toward Havik Faction for a total of 234.

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