Rising Heroes Report: Day Eighteen

Today is normally my day of rest but since I took an impromptu rest day yesterday I felt more invigorated today. I want to start off my week on the right foot with exercise so instead of training with Jim I trained with a random YouTube yoga person. I wanted something that was exercise but still easy so that I could train with Jim tomorrow without too much trouble. The yoga was very refreshing but I believe I may need to bribe the cats with more treats because they decided it was more fun to work for the shadow organization today. The little fiends.

Unfortunately I had a lapse in memory (perhaps and enemy agent was using a brain alteration machine on me! I shall have to investigate further.) in the rush to get off to church on time and forgot to make my bed. In fact, I didn’t remember until I sat down on it to practice my Ocarina around 4pm. I made it at once though and so I’m still counting it as mission complete!

I also did my meal prep for the week and while some of that was still going in the pressure cooker I patrolled the perimeter with my husband. Lots of tracks in the mud but no sign of any more hackers.

On the subject of hackers, I was pleased to find that we have caught the culprit! I’m very proud of the Rebels who helped to solve all the puzzles and decode the messages to make that happen. Now, perhaps, we shall find out more about the Shadow Organization. I expect we shall receive new dispatches tomorrow.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. Completed Yoga while doing meal prep and so marked my exercise mission complete.
  2. I completed the walk-a-mile mission.
  3. I completed my make-the-bed mission and practice-specialization missions.
  4. I earned 14 Campaign Points today for a total of 224 toward Havik Faction.

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