Rising Heroes Report: Day Sixteen

Today I am very sore. My calves are killing me. Apparently, I need to be doing stairs more often. Just a few flights up shouldn’t do this to me. It strengthens my resolve to be stronger and better.

I thought I might have to venture down to the hospital again but friends were stepping in to help so I was able to run some errands and do grocery shopping instead. I have some food prepping to do this weekend which will be a nice change of pace from how the rest of the week has been going. 

I proudly completed the mission to make my bed this morning despite two little furry fluffballs that were ‘helping’. I also completed my walking mission though it was a little piecemeal. I took the longest routes in the stores, parked in the back of parking lots and then walked around the outside of the building 3 times when I went to a social event this evening.

One thing of note for this report; I spotted an enemy agent while grocery shopping. His name was Russell. Russell Stover. The incident reminded me that the season of temptation is nearly upon us. I shall have to be strong and set good boundaries about sugary treats with friends. I’m lucky to have a husband who completely respects my boundaries and needs so I won’t have to worry about sabotage from him.


Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I completed the make-your-bed mission.
  2. I completed the walk-a-mile mission though it was spread out over the day.
  3. I earned 4 Campaign Points for Havik Faction.

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