Rising Heroes Report: Day Fifteen

Today is the halfway point of my thirty day commitment to Rising Heroes. I feel very reflective today so I hope that my fellow Rebels will bear with me for a mindset related message.

Before I digress though, allow me to report that Agent Grandma is doing much better today than yesterday and they will be moving her from Observation into Skilled Nursing where she will receive therapy to help her get strong again and be able to return home. We hope it’s only a week or two. I was able to complete all missions today including finding the stairs at the hospital and climbing 4 stories to the roof access then back down 14 stories to get to the ground floor. I was also able to do 16 squats in a row without rest though no other improvements showed themselves during my exercise.

Lastly, I was pleased to see that we’ve gathered enough campaign points today. The Rebellion has now officially located the hacker and an extraction team has been dispatched to his location. He sent out a desperate coded message to seek escape or rescue and all Rebels are called to help decode it before he escapes.

Now, onto my mindset report:

At this point in the journey a lot of people begin to feel low on mana. They’re down and feeling frustrated or like failures. I reflected on this today. I haven’t hit this point yet though I’ve been close a couple times. Perhaps I will hit it later. I’ve hit this point in the past though. I know what it feels like and I’ve usually quit.

But since then I’ve learned a few things. I’ve learned that there are some things worth fighting for. There are some things worth pushing through for. There’s a lot of power in that knowledge and reminding myself of it can sometimes offer a temporary mana boost to get through the hard times.

Mostly I’ve learned that this is ‘that moment’. When Frodo is captured by the enemy at Cirith Ungol and Sam believes him to be dead for a short while. When Lord Voldemort rises from the dead again and Cedric is killed. When Moana gives the heart of Ta fiti back to the ocean and gives up the quest. When Harry Dresden breaks his back and is unable to save his daughter. When, in every story, the hero is beaten and possibly broken. The bad guys are winning and the hero is bereft of help and hope. What is it inside them that makes them stand up and keep going?

It’s belief in the cause. Belief that there are good things worth fighting for and that they can’t give up. It’s reminding themselves or being reminded by others that they’ve got to keep going. Then they rise with new hope and new determination. They keep going. Even if they have to recover from wounds. Even if they have a lot to learn. Even if there are volcanoes, and armies, and horcruxes to overcome. They keep going because it’s right and it’s worth it.

That’s the moment. When you make the decision to go on.

Are you down? Are you out? Consider that this might be your ‘moment’. This might be the turning point. This might be the pulling back that will launch you forward if you can just find the gumption to keep going. If it’s not ‘that moment’ then it’s okay. You have to take care of you and you know what’s best. But if it is ‘that moment’… who will you be at the end of this journey? Stay focused on that. Think of all your favorite heroes and all their ‘moments’. Let them inspire and encourage you.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I completed the make-your-bed mission when I woke up this morning.
  2. I completed the walking mission (more hospital visiting and back and forth to the parking lot)
  3. I completed the sub-mission to get altitude by finding the stairs in the hospital and going up 4 flights then down 14.
  4. I completed my specialzation mission by practicing the Ocarina for 15 minutes
  5. I completed my Workout mission by doing Trainer Jim’s workout.
  6. I got philosophical about mindset related things (see full report).
  7. I earned 14 Campaign Points for a total of 202 for Havik.

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