Rising Heroes Report: Day Fourteen

Today’s report is better than yesterday but we’re not out of the woods yet. I was able to get a good night’s sleep to start the day so that was fantastic. There were still several trips to the hospital and back which got me my outside walking in. I’m afraid I wasn’t much use for tracking hackers and enemy agents though because my mind was simply elsewhere.

It was so elsewhere that, just as I predicted, I had rolled out of bed this morning without making it! I remembered after my first trip to the hospital though and made it as soon as I got home. Mission accomplished despite delay!

Agent Grandma is doing okay and keeping her spirits up but she will be staying in the hospital another night. The doctors are hopeful she can be discharged tomorrow but she made need a little physical therapy to get her strength back up. Prayer and good vibes are welcome! She’s a model for how healthy I’d like to be at her age and so I’ve dubbed her an honorary member of the Rebellion (in my head. I think she would think I’m crazy if I tried to explain the Shadow Organization to her.).

I had hoped to get another practice session in with the Ocarina but alas, it did not happen. I will take it everywhere with me tomorrow so that if I have a few minutes I can at least practice the fingering even if I’m not allowed to make loud screeching noises. It’s small enough to fit in my purse without getting crushed.

I’m proud that I’ve been able to keep up with everything going on plus my missions for the most part. I’ve been trying to be mindful of my own limits and take time if I need time and give time if it needs giving. I’m sure all this stress I’m putting off will come crashing down on my later once crisis-mode is over. That will be challenging but at least I’m aware that it’s coming and can (hopefully) prepare.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. (Grandma is still in the hospital so I was back and forth a lot today)
  2. I completed my walking mission but still without elevation. Parking lot > Hospital > Repeat.
  3. I completed the make-my-bed mission although I was late in doing it because I completely forgot when I had to roll out this morning to visit grandma.
  4. I earned 4 points for Havik and the Rebellion bringing my total contribution to 188.


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