Rising Heroes Report: Day Thirteen

Today was a rough day. It was a hard battle with the enemy today and I’m completely out of mana(willpower/umph/motivation/gumption/energy). Luckily, the day is coming to a close and there is nothing that would require even an ounce more mana except to get my hiney into bed after making this report.

After spending the night with my Grandma and being up and down all night with her we decided to go to the Emergency Room and so I spent most of the day in the hospital. I did not eat while I was there and I took advantage of all the changing rooms and walking about to get more than 2 miles of walking in. One of those miles, at least, was outside because of the distance to the parking lot.

I had to leave the hospital once to go get some overnight things for Grandma. While out, my husband and I filled up with gas at a station and I could not keep my eyes open so I picked up a can of Pepsi. The enemy won that round for the day. I did not drink it all though. Only about 1/3 which is all I dared. I needed something to keep me going for another hour or two at least.

Thankfully I was able to come home at three for much needed food and a nap. Cooking a huge batch of soup has proved fortuitous as it’s about the only thing I’ve eaten for 24 hours. Easy to reheat and eat has been crucial due to my low mana levels. I dumped out the rest of the Pepsi so I would not be tempted by it any further too.

My 1 hour nap refreshed me enough to feel like I could tackle a workout. I completed that though it took heavy modifying and a lot of stretching/relaxing yoga for most of the latter half. Still, it has been completed. Once that was done, I fumbled my way through scales on the Ocarina, sending the cats into worried cuddling when I was finished. Everyone’s a critic! I was able to fat-finger my way through a Happy Birthday song so maybe by the end of the week I’ll feel comfortable recording a video of it to attach to this report.

For now, that is all. Rest easy, members of the Rebellion. Havik is on the front lines. Fighting and winning.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction


What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. (Grandma had to be admitted to the hospital today so it was a challenge to complete missions.)
  2. I ‘made my bed’ this morning. It was on the floor and needed to be packed up and brought home so that made it easy.
  3. I managed to get my walk-a-mile mission complete simply by virtue of the Hospital parking lot being far from the main hospital entrance.
  4. I caved and bought a pepsi for caffeine and a pick-me-up. I drank only 1/3 and dumped out the rest.
  5. I had a nap once I got home and felt good enough to complete my workout mission though it was heavily modified and light.
  6. I completed my Ocarina (specialization) practice session despite cat protests.
  7. I earned 14 points for Havik and the Rebellion bringing my total contribution to 184.
  8. RAWR! That is all.

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