Rising Heroes Report: Day Twelve

Monday. I almost want to leave my report at that and call it a done day. But no, I must give a full report. I believe my position and my involvement with the Rebellion has been compromised. I must take steps to ensure my safety, secure my stronghold, and strengthen my resolve.

The day started off mostly normal. Vivid dreams kept me waking throughout the night. I now wonder if my dreams were a portent, trying to tell me of the things to come this day. I checked Mission Control first thing and was delighted to find more missions in my queue. Walking is still a thing though we now need altitude data and have been asked to get to the highest point we can at least once during the walks this week. This will be a challenge since the place I live is very flat and the place I work is at home. But it will give me the opportunity to do some googling and find a place to explore that has some height to it.

The search for the hacker has been narrowed down to somewhere in Colorado. I tip my hat to the good Rebels in Rheno who decoded the text message that led to this information. We still are asked to train with Head Trainer Jim but the time has been upped from 15 minutes every 3 days to 20 minutes every 3 days.

Working on our specialization has returned to the mission folder, this time to practice for 15 minutes 3 times this week. I think I will be able to manage that one. I would like to continue learning the Ocarina. My husband and cats, on the other hand, might not survive this experience. Their sacrifice will be remembered.

Following on the heels of last week’s Unprocess mission is this week’s Batch Cooking mission. I have been challenged to do some batch cooking and make at least 3 meals worth of ready-to-go food. This is another mission that may prove challenging. Not because I lack knowledge and skill but because it doesn’t quite fit with my current plans. I pre-plan my meals pretty far in advance and buy a lot of my ingredients in bulk/advance too. Nevertheless, even if it means an extra trip and some extra frozen meals, I will accomplish this mission. (Sooner than I thought too! Keep reading.)

The daily mission for this week is mindset-related to help us Rebels be more focused, tidy, and disciplined. We are asked to…….*dramatic pause* …… make our beds. That’s right. First thing when we wake up in the morning our mission is to make our beds. I laughed. I admit it freely. I laughed at this mission. It seems such a silly little thing. But Rebel One makes a good point about mindset and how the little things we do set the stage for the bigger ones. So even though I have never in my life made a habit of making my bed, this week, at least, I will do it. I completed the mission this morning and am determined to do it for the next seven days straight, no matter what happens.

After a morning of work and a little play with the kittens my husband and I decided to take a walk. As we proceeded onto the trail, he receives a call from Grandma that she needs help because she is sick. Next followed a flurry of calls, doctors, nurses, and we decided to travel to visit her and bring some soup. The enemy, going by the name of Pneumonia, has infiltrated Grandma’s residence and infected her with an illness! I ran to the store to grab the ingredients for my best soup and had the brilliant thought to complete my Batch Cooking mission by making a bunch extra to freeze.

I succeeded in the batch cooking mission in the afternoon and completed it just in time because Grandma needed help for the rest of the evening. Even now, at 11pm, as I write this report I am at her home and will remain here overnight. Luckily a little foresight on the part of my husband and I came prepared with my own ready-made meals and defenses to fight off the evil agent Pneumonia. Though I am tired, I did not stop for food or caffine and though it is late, I have successfully finished my report for the day. It was a hard fight but the Shadow Organization did not win today. Huzzah!

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. New missions became available today as follows:
  2. Walk-a-mile has been updated and the hacker’s location has been narrowed down to Colorado. Altitude data is now required so one of the walks this week needs to include a bunch of stairs or an uphill hike. Take a picture at the top of the highest point you can (legally) get to and post it on the RH Facebook group.
  3. Exercise/Training has been updated to a 20 minute workout every 72 hours. (It was 15 minutes)
  4. Daily Mission: Wake and Make your bed – a mindset mission to make your bed every day after waking up.
  5. Specialization – work on your chosen, non-fitness/health skill at least 3 different times for at least 15 minutes each time.
  6. Batch Cook with Staci – Batch cook at least 3 meals this week. Utilize Staci’s video if needed to learn.
  7. I completed the walk-a-mile, make your bed, and the batch cooking missions today.
  8. I earned 14 Campaign Points for the Havik Faction for a total of 170.

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