Rising Heroes Report: Day Eight

On this day last week I decided to to join Rising Heroes. So far, I have liked the experience. Just when I thought I might get bored, there have been a flurry of missions. Just when I thought even that flurry wouldn’t last, there are more. But it does not seem overwhelming and I don’t feel like a failure if I can’t do them all (as it was yesterday). It has been a good week.

Today, though it had also been a busy day, I was able to complete most of my missions in the evening. And I even discovered a new ‘Flash Mission’ had been issued. I received a special dispatch from Rebel One upon logging in to my Mission Control center. He asked us to make sure we were limber and ready for anything by stretching with Trainer Jim. An easy and simple way to earn more campaign points and be ready for anything.

After work I met with a friend and ally of the rebellion though not a part of it. She and I patrolled the park just at sunset and believe it to be hacker-free. We were, in fact, the only ones crazy enough to be there as the temperatures have begun to drop rapidly below freezing again.

That mission complete, we parted ways and I returned home and completed Trainer Jim’s beginner’s workout. All three rounds this time though I still have to modify some of the exercises. I was able to do 13 squats in a row (at the beginning of the year I could only do 5) and I added weight to my dumbbells. My strength is starting to improve already. I am very pleased.

Once walk and workout where complete I threw dinner in the oven and had time for both a shower and a debugging of my work-office before dinner was ready. My husband, at least, is enjoying all my debugging missions. I am definitely the more carefree and messy personality in our relationship.

Another new thing I discovered today. Apparently I had missed a dispatch from Rebel One. I believe the Shadow Organization has hacked my email system and keep putting dispatches into the Spam Folder. Fellow Rebels aided me in finding the dispatch where I discovered that Rebel One has set forth a puzzle. An enemy communication was intercepted but it appears to be in some kind of code. I wish I had the skills to aid in unlocking the mystery but alas, I do not. It is interesting to follow the progress of the other rebels though, as they chew on the issue. I shall keep you posted on how things develop.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I completed my walk-a-mile mission with a friend.
  2. Right after that I logged into Mission Control and received a ‘Flash Mission’ that would only last for 24 hours. It was called ‘No Excuses Stretching’ and required me to have a stretch session using Trainer Jim’s stretching/cooldown video if needed.
  3. I completed my workout mission with Trainer Jim. I was able to do all three rounds of the exercises, added weight to my dumbbells, and brought my non-stop-squat count up to 13.
  4. I completed the stretching flash-mission after the workout.
  5. I completed the debugging mission while dinner cooked.
  6. I discovered a non-mission deciphering/puzzle that other rebels are trying to solve.
  7. I did another stretch session just before beginning my bedtime routine in case the after workout one doesn’t count. 😉
  8. I earned 9 Campaign Points today bringing my total for Havik up to 145.


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