Rising Heroes Report: Day Six

Today was a rather busy day at work but I still managed to do much good for the Rebellion. I am pleased to report that Operation Unprocess is a success! The last four days of meals have been cooked at home. It had become so routine I didn’t pay very much attention to it anymore. But since Operation Unprocess was a go it made me look again at what I am eating and feel proud of my last year’s accomplishments. It’s a little burst of happiness that everyone could use a dose of.

Since it had warmed up another 15-20 degrees all the snow melted. Huzzah! But I was not able to go out on my walk until nearly sunset, when the temperature dropped a bit again. Not nearly as bad as the last few days though, I got by with just a couple layers instead of three or four. Because it was nicer and because I get bored with routine easily, instead of patrolling the pasture I headed out to a local park that has a mile-long walking trail.

On the walk I encountered a stray dog who got uncomfortably excited at my presence and his playfulness included a lot of jumping up on me. He was a large dog and this worried me but eventually he was distracted by a piece of garbage and I escaped further attentions unscathed except for some slobber. I did take a picture of him and post it to a local facebook group in the hopes that his owner might find him.

Upon arriving at home I made a delicious, unprocessed dinner then proceeded to complete today’s debugging mission by finishing the bookshelf behind my desk. It’s gloriously bug-free, organized and there’s an entire shelf that will be free to add more books to. Mwahahaha! I love books so very, very much. But collecting more books will have to wait for another day. For now, I’m signing off.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. After work I completed the walk-a-mile mission and chose to take a walking trail at a local park instead of walking the field at home.
  2. Then I cooked dinner, completing the cook-2-meals mission.
  3. I finished organizing, decluttering, and cleaning the bookshelf near my desk to complete the daily debug-your-hq mission.
  4. I earned 11 Campaign Points today, bringing my total contribution to 132.

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