Rising Heroes Report: Day Three

Today is Saturday and Day Three of my recruitment into Rising Heroes and the Havik Faction. I looked at my missions this morning and decided to tackle the Specialization one. Rebel One has informed us that we, as a group, need to have diverse specializations because we never know how the enemy will attack us next. He left it up to us to choose something to work on but encouraged us to pick something that interested us and that was not health or fitness related. I chose to learn how to play the Ocarina.

If I explained to you the depth of my love of the Legend of Zelda it would take up the entirety of my thirty days worth of reports so I will refrain. Suffice it to say, I am over-the-moon excited to learn. I practiced while my husband ran an errand so I would not have to subject him to my squeaking screeching. The cats are not so lucky and expressed their concern of the random loud noises I was making by trying to cuddle me. Perhaps they are channeling the enemy’s vibes today. I resisted them and persevered through my practice – successfully completing my mission.

After brunch I started to bundle up to go on a walk that’s already becoming routine. My husband surprised me by asking to accompany. Perhaps he’ll be a new recruit himself one day. He would make a great Volo. He joined me for half of my mile but had underestimated the cold and returned to the warmth of the base while I finished the rest of my walkabout.

Upon returning to base I found that I was not as winded or tired as I had been yesterday. A good night’s sleep works wonders and maybe I’m getting a tiny bit used to the new routine. Time to add more distance or try to do the same distance faster. Once I reported in my missions complete I was elated to see that I had earned twenty two points for Havik today. That made me feel great.

Though I had no more missions to do today I decided to make a few of my own by preparing rations for the upcoming week to make them more readily available and quick to cook when meal times come. I am getting busy with these new responsibilities and tax season is nearly upon us. There will be much to do. I have prepared enough food for a week before I will have to prepare more. This is also good foresight since I suspect a visit from Aunt Flo soon. I really don’t like her. She is definitely an agent of the Shadow Organization.

After meal preparations were complete I knew there was one more mission I could complete that I had set for myself. To learn about the other factions in Rising Heroes. It turns out, the information was right under my nose the whole time. A couple of Rebels kindly pointed it out to me via the facebook group.

Here is what I have learned.


Faction Symbol: Porcupine
Faction Color: Kelly Green
Recruiter: Nikki “Riggs” Riggins

In Tyrus, the focus is on character. A crisis at work, the decision to go workout, how you treat a stranger, or how you treat yourself… character is what powers our every action. You see, character makes up the heart of the Rebellion, and they’ve got it. We’ll face many challenges fighting an enemy in the shadows, meeting us at every turn. It’s the honor of Tyrus that makes us different from what we oppose.

Tyrus is united by strength of character, integrity, and compassion within the community and to all. Throughout history, Tyrus’ heroes have been those who knew themselves deeply and took action to defend and support the greater good. Whenever you see someone compelled to stand up for what’s right because it’s an issue close to their heart, that’s the mark of a true Tyrus.


Faction Symbol: Hawk
Faction Color: Gold
Recruiter: Mot “Griff” Griffith

Haviks are driven to become the best possible versions of themselves. Constant growth, dedication, and continual learning drive Havik and the Rebellion. Where so many forces come together to stop the Rebellion in its tracks, in a world that seems so dark, Havik will always be there on the front lines, pushing themselves and fellow Rebels to work hard, be patient, and value every success along the way.

Their strength is built on hope and faith that hard work and dedication pay off in the end; the most unlikely abilities have upset the balance to win the day. They bring powerful skills and dauntless commitment to strengthen the Rebellion. Havik brings the means to victory.


Faction Symbol: Fox
Faction Color: Orange
Recruiter: Fiona “Fi” Tang

Intelligence, knowledge, and strength of mind; these are the qualities that Rheno prizes most and that they bring to all our work within the Rebellion. So much of the world we live in is trapped in patterns of unhelpful thinking and a passive settling for the status quo. Whenever you see minds endeavoring to shed light on new possibilities, applying their strength of mind to break free of patterns that keep us stuck in one place, a true Rheno is at work in the world.

Throughout history, we believe Rheno minds have helped to stave off this threat with their ideas, ingenuity, and intellect. Strategists, problem solvers, and puzzle lovers often flock to Rheno where tactics and intelligence guide our efforts and the Rebellion to victory. The Rebellion faces a powerful enemy, but with strong minds and cleverness, they see even the most dire of challenges as creative opportunities.


Faction Symbol: Dragonfly
Faction Color: Blue
Recruiter: Augustus “Gus” Levore

Volos champion an infinite spirit of dedication as their guiding light on this journey. So many fail and soon quit. But the word failure takes on a different meaning for a Volo. When quitting isn’t an option, failure becomes purely a signal on how to move forward.

Volos keep us all moving forward with our goals clearly in our crosshairs. Full of so much motivation, all other virtues seem not to matter when you’re face to face with a fierce Volo. Whenever you see someone never quitting, constantly striving to complete their goals, a Volo’s guidance is present. There is nothing that unending determination cannot defeat.

This will not be an easy fight. There will be hard times, defeats, and losses. Challenges will arise that seem impossible to overcome. Brains and brawn are great tools, but it is this grit and rugged determination that changes the world. Volos keep moving forward in both times of difficulty and prosperity. Volo brings drive, focus, and a sense of purpose to the Rebellion. Volo keeps us on our feet.


With this newfound knowledge of the other factions, I begin to feel my place among these Rebels is more stable and secure. Tomorrow’s report will be brief. It is a rest day. I may need it greatly for I hope that on Monday, Rebel One will give us more dispatches.


Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction


What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I completed the Specialization Mission by learning how to play a scale on the Ocarina and practicing for 30-40 minutes.
  2. I completed the Walk-a-Mile Mission.
  3. I did meal preparation for the week (a self-imposed mission).
  4. I explored and educated myself about the different factions in Rising Heroes. That information is shared in the full report above.
  5. Tomorrow’s report will be brief but I hope for something new and exciting on Monday.
  6. I earned 22 Campaign Points bringing my total contribution to my faction up to 112.

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