Rising Heroes Report: Day Two

The second day is always harder than the first. The first day I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed recruit. I made too many commitments that day and self-sabotaged trying to get them all done. I was not in bed until 3 am. Or what I like to call “O-Dark-Hundred”. My morning was a late start, but not as late as it might have been. I’m becoming convinced that my teenage kittens are a chaotic neutral force in my house. Sometimes they seem to be on my side. Waking me up with loves and cuddles. Other times they seem to have decided to work for the enemy and make every attempt to interfere with my missions.

At 2pm I was, at last, able to check my missions for the day. The enemy hacker remains a threat and so more outdoor walking must be done. It seems this will be a daily thing for a little while still while the crack team of programmers on our side track him down. I bundle up and once again ventured forth into the frozen tundra.

It remains bitterly cold outside. But it did not seem as bad as yesterday. The sun was shining high in the sky instead of setting. The wind wasn’t nearly as bad. I explored further back into woods then I had ever gone before. Normally, the path to get to the woods would have been boggy. I never crossed it before because the mud was too deep to do so. But with the weather as frigid as it’s been, everything is frozen. I strove to be careful of my foot still but I was able to cross the boggy area with no trouble. I reached the far pond which was a breathtaking sight. It was completely frozen over and it glittered in the sunlight. I was enchanted for a time.


My mission and the cold finally broke the enchantment spell and I set off again. This time I explored the woods, finding many tracks in the snow that I did not recognize but made guesses at anyway. I followed the only ones I was sure of, the hoof prints of the horses. Eventually, my mile was complete and I retreated to the warmth of my home. My sweet husband had fixed lunch for me. I took a nibble to keep my strength up and proceeded directly to my next mission.

I was told to report to Head Trainer Jim for Bootcamp Instruction. Truly, I could have done any kind of exercise but since I had no real plans for such yet, I went to the training page. There I found several videos demonstrating how to do a beginner’s warmup, bodyweight workout, and cooldown. Some of the exercises I found well within my capabilities but others I had to modify to my capabilities. Especially considering my sleep-deprived state. Overall, though, I am satisfied. I have work to do. I can’t improve unless I know what I’m currently capable – or not capable – of.

I am still unsure of our enemy and have not learned much of the other factions yet. I had hoped to learn more when enrollment had been closed but alas, the time is not yet. Instead, I will strive to learn more of the other factions on my own, from the community, over the coming weekend. This concludes my report.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. The Missions available to me today were the same as yesterday.
  2. I chose to start with the walking mission and use that as a warmup.
  3. I bundled up, explored, and completed my mile and my mission.
  4. I came back inside and opened the Bootcamp mission which required 15 minutes of exercise every 3 days. You can do your own or follow Head Trainer Jim’s Beginner’s Bodyweight workout. I chose to do the latter.
  5. I skipped the warmup video since I was plenty warm from my walk.
  6. It was very basic – squats, pushups, lunges, etc. But it gave me a workout since if there is a level before beginner then I’m there. Jim was able to do the exercises (like squats) very quickly and I struggled to keep up until I stopped trying so hard. I went at my own pace instead and just paused the video instead.
  7. I completed 2 of the 3 rounds. I did an accelerated version of the cooldown video and marked the mission complete.
  8. I chose not to complete the specialty mission yet since I have until Monday to do it.
  9. I earned 8 more Campaign Points bringing my total to 90 points contributed to Havik and the Rebellion.

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