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Playing Alone Together: Tomb Raider Part 8


Midsummer Fire Festival – World of Warcraft Achievement Guide

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  • Queue up for Ahune the Frost Lord whenever you are traveling around to get that achievement out of the way.
  • This guide assumes you have all flying unlocked and all portals (Cataclysm) unlocked.
  • To Honor/Desecrate a Flame/Fire you will either need to grab the quest offered by the Flame Guardian and use the fire nearby to turn it in, or just get close enough and simply use the fire.
  • Stealing a fire is more difficult than honoring/desecrating a fire. Dodge city guards, get close enough to the large blue bonfire in the major city and then use it to get a fire. Then use the fire to get the quest.
  • Desecrating a fire or stealing a flame will flag you for PvP.

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Rill Reviews: Warcraft the Movie

I will admit it. When I first heard Blizzard was going to make a movie about Warcraft I was skeptical. I mean, they have a great animation department, that could be pretty cool. But they said it would be a live-action movie. Those kinds of movies can go either way.

Medieval fantasy movies have come a long way since Dungeons & Dragons. Especially since Lord of the Rings raised the bar by about a million miles. Honestly, previous to LotR I don’t think anyone really took medieval fantasy movies very seriously. The technology and costuming expertise just wasn’t there yet to give the viewer a full suspension of belief. (Meaning that while you know the portals don’t exist, it looks real enough that you’re willing to suspend your belief in reality for the sake of entertainment.) Older movies that used the first baby CGI effects still couldn’t quite reach this point. Things didn’t look real enough and so they were not believable.

Despite that, you could still have a good movie. But you wouldn’t have a great movie.

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