Rill Reviews: Fate/ Stay Night

FateStayNightLogoName: Fate/ Stay Night Season 1 & 2
What: TV Anime/Series
Basic Synopsis: Seven mages are chosen by fate to summon seven heroic spirits and fight in a duel to the death for the right to win the Holy Grail which has the power to grant wishes. However, some of the players of this deadly game, aren’t what they seem.

Warning! Here there be spoilers!

What I liked and what I didn’t like:
I knew I was going to like this series at the first episode. Then I knew I was going to hate it. But I always give a series a 10 episodes chance and I ended up at it’s good enough for government work. The series is entertaining and it has plenty of action mixed with story and character development. I was very hopeful in episode one that it would have a female protagonist in the form of Ren but was let down when episode two revealed the real, male, protagonist in the form of Shirou. Still, there were many female supporting characters and none of them ended up with permanent D.I.D.S (That’s Damsel In Distress Syndrome) so it’s all good!

The series has it’s highs and lows. I think the lowest lows, for my tastes anyway, is the depiction of Saber when her will is being broken by Caster (#14). And the fondling of Ren (#21). It wasn’t so bad/obvious that a child would really understand what was going on but it still bothered me. I will never agree with the anime industry’s need for this level of sexual innuendo and I found it frustrating that they undermined the strength of the characters by debasing them in unnecessary fashions such as these, however brief.

On the other end of the spectrum is this scenario I picked for Best Scene:
Shirou vs Archer (#21-22) was the best scene in the entire series. It projects the battle that we all fight within ourselves. It is the person we are vs the person we want to be vs the person we might become. Those parts of ourselves battling it out to decide if we will continue ahead with our dreams, even if it will be hard, vs the parts of ourselves that have to deal with the realities of our life. Both scream truths at us that we must accept or reject.

Because my brain is wired to think deeper this scene automatically drew parallels in my brain between myself and the show. I felt like I, my current self, was Archer. Every day I face down my past, idealistic, head-in-the-clouds self. My younger self, my Shirou, who dreams of becoming an author. He’s the one that holds onto what an ideal life could be and ought to be. The one who asks questions like:

“Is it greedy of me to wish for an outcome where everyone gets saved and is happy ー and can share a laugh about it in the end?” – Shirou Emiya

Be still my beating heart! I love that quote! I found myself asking who am I today? Am I Archer, disgruntled and bitter, telling Shirou to accept the realities of life? Or am I Shirou, doggedly, determined to fight for good things and good dreams?

Like I said, deep thinking going on in Rill’s head here.

A close second on the Shirou vs Archer scene is actually scattered a little throughout the series and that’s the several conflicts that Saber has with Assassin. It starts with their first clash. Assassin is a little condescending but can’t figure out why he hasn’t beat Saber yet, despite the advantage of higher ground. Then he tries an attack on her that he learned when cutting down a sparrow. It nearly kills her but she ungracefully takes a fall in order to avoid death.

Later, when they meet for the final time, Assassin tries the same technique but this time Saber is ready for it, activating her own special technique in order to defeat him. Just before his death he says something I not only picked as the best quote of the movie (yes, even over the above quote from the Best Scene) but I trimmed it and made it a quotepic for the top of this post.

“I had looked on her as just a lovely little bird when in fact she was really a lion.” – Assassin


Overall I think this series is worth the time and attention. I was certainly entertained! I’m going to give it a 7 out of 10.


If you agree or disagree with some of my points I’d love to hear it! Please leave me a comment and let me know! And if there’s something you’d like me to read, watch, or review please let me know that as well!

If you want to watch the series, you can currently find it on Netflix or if you prefer to buy it’s also available on Amazon. Enjoy!

Fate /Stay Night Season 1

Fate /Stay Night Season 2

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