Stories everywhere!

Well here we are at the end of my second multi-part story! Crazy! I’m stoked to be writing so much. It’s been fabulous to develop my world and really fun to write stories again! I’ve worked on this world for a long time but all the little floating details just start clicking together as I write. Plus I get even more ideas that work well as the story starts to unfold in my head.

The next couple weeks will be up in the air. I’ve got at least five different short stories I’m working on but I can’t decide which to finish first! So it will be a surprise for you and for me every Monday because I probably won’t decide until 11:59pm on Sunday night. You know, procrastination nation. That’s where I like to visit sometimes. Also I got the flu which makes staying coherent enough to write a bit of a challenge.

To tide you over until the new stories are ready I’ll be throwing out some more random short shorts, poems and artwork. I might even dig up and dust off some of the first ideas of my world that I ever wrote down!

In the meantime, here are a few of snippets from the various stories I’m working on! All of these are working titles and might change. Thou hast been warned!

The Ghost Hunter

Since most people don’t believe in ghosts, it can make being in the ghost hunting business a bit harsh. People tend to believe I’m an outright charlatan who is taking advantage of the gullible and bereaved. Or they think I’m just nut-brained crazy. So, you see, when a woman of rank and means comes into my shop and asks me for help; you know she must be desperate.

I like desperate. It means I might actually get paid.

I stood and beckoned her inside. “Come in, come in!”

She hesitated and I held my breath. I wasn’t completely broke but I needed the work. This week I had had to make the choice between rent and food. I chose rent. I had eaten nothing but thin broth for the past couple days. Okay, maybe I was a little broke.



Keren turned back to the building. The flames could easily been seen in the windows now. It had spread far in the minute she spent with Lee. It was time to get to work. She took a deep, albeit smokey, breath then reached out with her acies, tapping an oblivion root for power.

Normally, she’d be worried about finding a stable root that was close enough to tap. But this was the Palace of the Merchant King. Shapers had long ago manipulated the roots of the city to ensure that stable roots of every kind were always within touching distance no matter where you stood in any place of significance. That included the Temples, the Academy, the Guild Halls, and the Palace.

She had none of her snuffing gear but that was okay. She didn’t need it. It simply meant she would have to do things the hard way. Keren had wielded oblivion magic for a long time. Magical artifacts no longer sped up her spells. That came naturally to her.

Mostly the gear helped her concentrate on her real task, snuffing the fires. Every piece of it was coated in millwax and the spells were self-triggering. That freed her from having to concentrate on holding several spells in place at once. It also let her use spells normally not available to her because they were of a different branch of magic. Like heat protection and the abnormal strength of the axes.

She would have to make do. Keren cast her spells and stepped into the fire.


The Blood River

Mereb flipped over the demon’s head and with a scissoring motion from his blades, cut open it’s throat as he went. He landed easily and the demon behind him staggered and fell to the ground, clutching it’s throat to try to hold together it’s severed arteries. It was a futile effort and the demon was dead in moments.

Flicking the blood from his blades, Mereb sheathed them then looked around the remains of the demon camp. Satisfied there were no more enemies, he settled into the onerous task of figuring out what in the six realms a half squad of demons was doing this deep into guilded territory.

A noise from one of the tents drew his attention. He froze, holding absolutely still and quiet while he reached out with his senses. It only took a moment for him to identify that there were humans inside the tent and they were frightened and probably bound. No demons inside. Beyond the tent, out of his immediate view he could also sense several animals. Some of them wild and some domesticated. He went to the tent first.

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