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Virtual Reality

Okay, let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate. I know I’m late to the party. Virtual Reality (VR) has been around a couple of years now. It’s not brand spanking new. That’s okay. I’ve decided to jump in anyway because this gaming revolution is just starting to gain some momentum.

It’s difficult to describe Virtual Reality to someone who has never tried it before. Imgaine you live in Star Trek and you walked onto the holodeck. It’s like that. No really. Just like that. When you put that headset on you are in a different place. You can experience the ocean by walking on the sea floor in theBlu or fight off evil corporate robots in Raw Data. Then when you take off the headset you’re a little disappointed at the lack of jellyfish and dead robots in your living room. It’s that immersive.

It’s immersive to the point that I’ve done very little gaming the last few months except in VR (I have an HTC Vive for those who simply must know). Consider this a head’s up for lots of VR related content incoming! Steam Summer Sale just ended not long ago and I stuffed my games list with a bunch of good deals. I’ve already got a couple things in the works from beginner’s guides to game reviews so stay tuned!


Rising Heroes Final Report: Day Thirty

Today is my last day of reports. I intend to continue with Rising Heroes for another sixty days at least. I have enjoyed my time here and have seen many improvements in strength, stamina, and generally just the way that I feel. My measurements do not reflect much change however. I gained 2.6 pounds but lost a total of 3.5″ from around my body. I do not know if I’ve gained muscle and lost fat since I do not have the tools needed to measure such a thing.

That seems like it should be a failure. It seems like I should be saying “Rising Heroes is a failed experiment for me”. Continue reading

Rising Heroes Full Review

Rising Heroes is a Health/Fitness/Lifestyle Alternate-Reality-meets-Role-Play game. It takes gaming concepts and then reaches into your life to help you become a better you. This is a brand new product by the Nerd Fitness Team and it’s meant to motivate, inspire, and otherwise get your moving toward your goals.

But is it worth the cost?

At $29 per month, my first concern was about value. And I’m not the only one who sharesenrollmentpay this concern. When the price was announced, dozens of people went to Facebook to add their voices to others, prompting Steve (Owner of Nerd Fitness) to send a follow-up email in an attempt to justify the cost and point out ways to cut expenses elsewhere in order to afford a Rising Heroes Subscription.

At first I decided that I was not going to participate. The price tag was a huge turn-off even though I could afford it. And there wasn’t a lot of information about exactly what the product was. The descriptions on the website were vague and confusing. I attribute this to the product being so brand-spanking-new. Plus, it’s a thing that hasn’t been done before to this extent! There’s not much out there to compare it to! Facebook was buzzing with many others who had the same questions that I did. What is Rising Heroes? What is it about? What is it supposed to do for me? How does it work? Continue reading

Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Nine

It was a good day today. I was tired because I only had about four hours of sleep because I stayed up to complete my full review of Rising Heroes. Despite that though, I got all my missions done, it was a gorgeous day, and work wasn’t busy at all.

At the end of the work day my friend called and asked if I could run over to her house to let her animals out for potty breaks and feeding time since she wasn’t going to be home for a while still. No problem! I did my walk around her property with her dog instead of around my place! The dog certainly had a good time and was quite happy to make sure there were no enemy agents in the area.  Continue reading

Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Eight

Today started off good but then lunch time hit and I really did not want to exercise. I can’t really explain why. It was just one of those times where you don’t feel like giving it your all. You just dun wanna. But then I thought to myself, “What would Rill do?”

You see, Rill is my alter ego. She is my avatar and my alias. Rill is the person who I want to become. She is my future self. My perfect self. The one I want to be. She is strong and capable and knowledgeable and good. She’s a fighter and a writer. A philosopher and a teacher. A leader and a friend. Basically everything I wish to and want to be. So when I thought, What would Rill do? I was really asking myself, what would my future self do if my future self was me right now. Continue reading

Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Six

Today begins Week One of Campaign Two, the quest to find Staci’s dog Madi. Because information the hacker has given us has led us to believe that the has financial ties with a suspicious ‘bank’, all Rebels are being asked to look to the condition of their finances. This week’s missions are a reflection of that goal. Continue reading