Rising Heroes Report: Day Ten

Today the Shadow Organizations is at it again with their weather machine. We had a ‘glazing’ of ice last night which made the morning a little bit treacherous to traverse. So I set myself a timer to get all the indoor chores complete and get started on my missions around noon.

It warmed up enough that the ice was melting and thinning so my husband and I went out to the park for a walk. There were some suspicious looking geese but they knew the honker passphrase so they proved themselves to be allies not enemies and reported that they had not seen any hackers. I reminded them that they should have flown south a month ago and, chagrined, they flew on.

When the walk was complete I returned home to my giant pile of cardboard boxes and ensured that there were no bugs or listening devices of any kind in them. I then proceeded to make new use of them by building a cat condo for Little Bob and Rill to play in. For now, the bribe worked and they remain on the side of the Rebellion. I shall have to think of more bribes to keep them on our side in the future.

I missed my Wednesday workout this week because of the evil Aunt Flo so that pushed my workout schedule a little bit. Thus I worked out with Trainer Jim today to make up for it. It was the first time I used his warm-up video and that thing could practically be a workout all by itself! But I went ahead with the usual workout and cooldown. There are still some positions that remain beyond my abilities but I will keep trying until I am able to do it correctly. I am proud to report that I can now do 14 squats in a row and I can hold a 20 second plank.

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I gave myself a mini-unofficial mission to complete house chores before noon. I completed that goal.
  2. I completed my walk-a-mile with husband in tow.
  3. I completed debugging my HQ by making use of a stack of boxes and ‘recyling’ it into a cat condo for the cats to play in.
  4. I completed Trainer Jim’s workout (including the warmup for the first time).
  5. I earned 7 Campaign Points for the Havik Faction for a total of 155.

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