Rising Heroes Report: Day One

Rebel One has sent out the call and I have answered. After exploring and reading information he has given I’ve decided that I’m going to take a leap of faith and believe him. I choose to believe that there really are some very bad guys out there doing bad things and they need to be stopped. I have no other name for them but it hardly matters at the moment. I’m all for stopping evil. That’s what paladins do.

As I currently understand it, there are four factions across the world that have been fighting these shadowy and unknown evildoers. Factions that, until recently, have been divided and so their efforts were not very successful. That will change under Rebel One’s leadership, I’m sure. For now, it seems meet that they are still separate units but under one new banner.

I underwent some preliminary assessments upon joining up and I was recruited by one Mot Griffith of the faction Havik. My new colors are yellow.  I was invited to join a general assembly of the Factions on Facebook which I accepted. There are many people there and much excitement and general chaos as all the new recruits get organized and share information. I hope to learn more of the other Factions from this group and clarify the role expected of me in Havik.

To my surprise, I was given my first Onboarding Missions right away. Five of them. And I was promised that I would be moved from Recruit to a full Rebel ranking if I completed them in a timely manner. They were simple mission and easily done with a couple hours of effort. Mostly, they were paperwork. It was not as glorious as I expected. But still, it was vital to the cause. Everyone starts somewhere.

Once those missions were completed, I received my new rank and took on my first full mission. Apparently the nefarious enemy has been up to no good, hacking into the Rebellion’s systems and tracking our every move. To thwart them Rebel One has asked all Rebels confuse the data by walking the globe. Outside in the fresh air for at least one mile.

Here I reach my first obstacle. It is 13 degrees outside with a north wind blowing hard and
bringing the temperature down to -2 degrees. There’s snow. I loathe the snow. It’s pretty, sure. brrI prefer to enjoy it’s prettiness from inside where it’s a perfect 72 degrees. Additionally I live in the country. If I am to complete this mission, I will have to traverse fields and terrain not entirely suitable for walking in the current conditions. I considered finding other ways to walk but… no. The mission instructions are clear. I am resolved… and resigned.

Three layers minimum and another one for good measure. A scarf around my head and my phone in my pocket to record my progress. Since I was already resolved I vowed to make use of the time. I bring in the trash barrels from the roadside, I check the barns to make sure they have remained secured against wind and critters. It was 15 minutes into the mission and my fingers were already frozen. I can’t feel my cheeks but at least my ears are protected. I can’t stand having cold ears.

I check on my neighbors horses in the back pasture and feed them treats. They follow me around like giant puppies while I walk my mile. It takes me another twenty minutes to finish but I DO finish. I feel triumphant. My phone quit working from the sheer cold and my lungs are burning from the effort of breathing the air. But I succeeded.

I hope more missions will be coming soon but I expect I shall have to prove myself with these more mundane tasks before I will be trusted with more vital and interesting missions. I have completed missions, gathered resources and brought some small honor to my new faction. For now, this concludes my report.

Rill ———
Paladin Class Rebel

What Really Happened (Practically Speaking) 

  1. I purchased the membership
  2. I watched the intro video and read the intro page
  3. I filled out a questionnaire (assessment) which had personality-type questions on it.
  4. I was given a Faction based on my answers. The Faction was Havik (yellow) and the Leader is Mot Griffith.
  5. I read the Faction intro page
  6. I was given an official dispatch which gave me my Onboarding ‘Recruit’ Missions. There were Five as follows: Enter my Stats (height weight, pics etc), Join the Rising Heroes Facebook Group, Find Your Wingman (personal accountability buddy), Write down my Primary Objective, Choose something other than fitness/health that you’d like to work on. I completed all these quests.
  7. At this point I had spent 1.5 hours on reading, watching and completing missions.
  8. I read about and looked into the current available missions: A general fitness one that simply asks you to do some exercise 15 minutes every three days. A daily walking one, requiring to you walk one mile outside every day. And a Specialty one requiring you to work on your chosen non-fitness skill for 30 minutes sometime this week. I spent another half hour on this part but spread through the second half of my work day when I had time.
  9. About an hour before sunset I did the mile walk and called it good for the day. Overall I earned 82 Campaign Points which are added to my faction and the overall resources goal.


Today was the day I decided to join Steve from Nerd Fitness and try out his new product/game called Rising Heroes. If you missed it, I’ve given my first impressions here!

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