Rising Heroes – A Nerd Fitness… Game?

Have you heard of Nerd Fitness? If you haven’t you should go check it out! It’s a health and fitness website for geeky nerdy people like me. There are workouts based on video games and articles written in a language I totally understand. Willpower = Health Points was the biggest mind-blowing experience I’ve ever had. It was a complete thinking shift for me and I’m very mindful of my HP now!

But I digress. Why am I telling you about it? Because they just came out with a new product called Rising Heroes and I’m going to try it out for 30 days with the intention of posting regular reviews here.

When I initially saw the emails about it begin to arrive in my inbox, I didn’t have the time to read them. Nanowrimo aftermath, birthday, work trip, and then holidays…there just wasn’t much left in me. So I saw the product launch in January and that launch email was the first I actually took the time to sit down and read.

I had reservations.

Okay, I had ONE reservation. Cost. It’s $30 a month! That’s expensive! I wrote a long email detailing why I thought the price was too high and a couple ways I thought they could improve (via lowering the price or proving that it’s worth the price). I can afford it but it didn’t seem worth it to even try.

But then I saw other people with the same concerns and I thought to myself, “Self, you’ve gotten a lot from the community and the Academy. Why not just try it and review it. If you don’t like it then that’s fine. You can at least share your experience so others could see if they might like it before forking over their money. Because honestly, that’s what it’s lacking right now (because it’s so new). It needs specifics. People want to know exactly what it is and what they’re getting for the price.

Honestly, right now, the purchase/salepitch page is interesting and intriguing and well written but it lacks substance. It doesn’t actually TELL YOU WHAT YOU’RE BUYING! Especially if you haven’t read any of the emails it seems super vague and scam-like. (Seriously could use improvement there but it’s new. I get it!)

So after receiving a response back from NF HQ about my feedback I decided these people were worth investing more in. I didn’t expect a response! Despite my reservations, I went ahead and purchased it, just because of the community. Now, even if I don’t like Rising Heroes, I can at least speak from experience about the product and give my honest review. Here goes!

First Impressions
Overall the game is both confusing and intriguing. I’m not sure if the confusion is by design (ala Puzzle Games) or if it’s just me (entirely possible) or if it’s an issue that needs to be resolved by the Nerd Fitness Team. It looks pretty fun and I hope that once enrollment is closed things will be picking up. But still, just the first day, it surprised me how motivating it turned out to be.


  • It was simple to get started and the instructions on what to do were very clear
  • It was really nice to have the structure of what exactly I should be doing to complete missions.
  • The missions are surprisingly motivating when there’s a time limit imposed
  • They’re also surprisingly motivating when completing missions contributes to a team effort.
  • The new community on facebook seems nice.  There’s a lot of hubbub right now as people try to get organized and find a wingman.


  • I don’t understand what the factions are or who/what the enemy is. A little more story info on that would be much welcome.
  • There seemed to be a lot of reading and video watching ‘required’ at first to understand what to do and how to get started. Understandable learning curve for any new thing but it still triggers a dislike.
  • I would probably harp on how expensive it is (for a recurring charge) probably until the 30 day mark. So I’m putting a muzzle on it and only going to say it this one more time. It’s too expensive. There! No Mas!

This is just a quick First Impressions style review. My full Day One Report is coming shortly!

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