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Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Six

Today begins Week One of Campaign Two, the quest to find Staci’s dog Madi. Because information the hacker has given us has led us to believe that the has financial ties with a suspicious ‘bank’, all Rebels are being asked to look to the condition of their finances. This week’s missions are a reflection of that goal. Continue reading


Rising Heroes Day Twenty Five

The last week. It’s hard to believe I’m here already. Today was a day of rest but it has had me thinking all day. I’m curious to see if we continue on with Week Five or if we will start over at Week One. Or if it’s Week Five until February 1st and then we start over. I’m also curious to see when recruitment will be opened again. This week, being the last week of the month, holds many questions that will soon be answered. Continue reading

Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Four

Today was a pretty typical Saturday except for some family visiting. I did not complete the Fast Food Finale mission again today because…well, barbecue. Kansas City style barbecue. I’m pretty sure there are no Shadow Organization ties with our favorite barbecue joint but I’ve been wrong before. I shall have to study it closely for a while. Today, perhaps, I studied a little too closely!

Despite that, I did complete the other missions today including the Flash Mission because we talked a lot about finances while eating the afore mentioned barbecue. I did my personal missions of grocery shopping and chores though I still did not get to go see Grandma or do meal prep. It’s a good thing tomorrow is another day!

Paladin Class Rebel
Havik Faction

What Actually Happened (Practically Speaking)

  1. I completed the make-bed mission.
  2. I completed the balance mission.
  3. I did not complete the fast-food mission but while I was failing that mission I did complete the financial talk flash mission.
  4. I earned 9 points for Havik Faction today for a total of 291.

Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Three

The fiendish fiends! The devilish devils! The monstrous monsters! The shadow organization has stolen the pooch of Staci (one of our Rebel Leaders at Nerd Fitness and Rising Heroes). They left a note behind. I expect they want to trade the hacker for the dog. Maybe he does know something after all if they’re that desperate.  Continue reading

Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty Two

This morning I was disappointed when I opened Mission Control and found no flash missions. But then later logged in again to find that one indeed had appeared! This new flash mission has tasked me with securing my financial future by having a meaningful discussion about it with someone close to me. This has been a week of missions that lay well within my capabilities. My husband and I love to talk finances so this mission will be no problem. It’s nice to have a week where things are going well after the struggles of last week.  Continue reading

Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty One

I feel as though I got up this morning and never stopped going since then. It was very pleasing though, to log into Mission Control at the end of the day and have my entire list be green with completed missions. It was a very satisfying moment that made me very  happy. I’ve contributed a lot of points to Havik today but more importantly, I’m working toward a better version of me. Continue reading

Rising Heroes Report Day Twenty

Today was a much slower day than yesterday but I was still plenty busy with my day job. Still, I found time to go through the parts of yesterdays dispatches that I had not been able to read yet. To my mixed delight and dismay I found that the Fast Food Finale mission was a daily mission! Every day we avoid the perils of fast food we can mark that mission complete and earn more points for our faction. I wish I had realized that sooner and I could have earned four more points for Havik yesterday! Alas, I can’t go back and change it but it shall probably even itself out on Friday. Continue reading