Month: March 2016

Guides Coming (Again) Soon!

A lot of people know that I am a writer and a gamer and that I love to help people, especially in games. I’m that person answering questions in general chat or handing out useful materials for free or giving a lift to someone needing a ride across the zone. I also love making guides.

Previous to today, my guides have been scattered across the internet. I’ve been everything from moderator to site manager to news-poster and guide-maker for many fan sites across several gaming platforms. Unfortunately, many of those fansites are no longer around or no longer active.

In addition to that life got busy for me for a while there and I didn’t find much time for anything beyond gaming for myself. Now that things have slowed down again, I think it’s about time to make my own site into the one place I publish everything that I love doing and know that it will never just up and disappear one day.

I miss making guides and being useful in the games that I play. Not just playing to play but playing with others and making others happy by helping out. I miss having a helpful purpose to chase after while I play.

This led me to decide that I need to get back into guide-makery! It’s my favorite way to assist anyone who might need a bit of help or direction. So I’ve dug out my old guides, dusted them off and am now in the process of updating them to get them ready to publish here!

A list of incoming guides can be found on the new page titled (cough) Guides. If you’ve enjoyed my guides in the past or are really looking forward to seeing some of these guides for the first time. Please consider sharing with your friends, leaving a favorite on this page or even heading over to my patreon and showing your support there! Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!