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Spark of Creation – Part One

*Listen to the Audio & Watch the Illustration*

I got lost.

I mean, not so lost that I’d never make it back to civilization before I starved to death. Just lost enough that I could pretend I didn’t live in suburbia in 2020 for a few hours.

Renaissance, I thought to myself. Knights and lords and ladies. A simpler time where your enemies were known and you knew exactly how to deal with them; with a sword to be precise. These woods could be the King’s Forest – protected for the King’s pleasure. Perhaps I was a servant gathering deadwood for winter. Or maybe I was a woodsman, tasked with keeping trespassers out. Maybe I was tracking down a poacher!

Liking that idea, I knelt and examined the ground. Normally, if there were people around I would just casually look. But there was no one to see me – ‘lost’ as I was. Which was the point. A right-brainer like myself needs to jump start the creativity now and again and this little “create your own adventure” ad I saw in the classifieds on the local news site sounded like fun. So far, it had been.

We met at the park, were given some packs and then ushered onto a bus for a two hour drive to the closest National Park. On the way there we had opened our packs to discover some water, granola bars, paper, crayons (crayons? seriously? who puts crayons in an adult’s pack?), a pocket knife, a flashlight, and some rope. Upon arrival at a Park Ranger station we were given a few hiker safety instructions then told to simply wander and go have an adventure. This was an exercise meant to help jumpstart our creativity. Continue reading


The Hero Time-Lapse Illustration

As promised, this week’s post is a time-lapse illustration of the picture I sketched out for The Hero. The illustration took about 3 hours but I’ve sped it up to 6 minutes for you. Enjoy!

The Hero

I know my purpose now
Amid tyranny, hate and oppression
Through smokey skies and burning vills

It is clear

I am a Warrior
The Moment of Truth is always faced alone
And here I stand

A Fighter

Though choice has always been mine
Here I suddenly find
I have none

I will fight. I must fight.
My road is clear
I die here.

Stories everywhere!

Well here we are at the end of my second multi-part story! Crazy! I’m stoked to be writing so much. It’s been fabulous to develop my world and really fun to write stories again! I’ve worked on this world for a long time but all the little floating details just start clicking together as I write. Plus I get even more ideas that work well as the story starts to unfold in my head.

The next couple weeks will be up in the air. I’ve got at least five different short stories I’m working on but I can’t decide which to finish first! So it will be a surprise for you and for me every Monday because I probably won’t decide until 11:59pm on Sunday night. You know, procrastination nation. That’s where I like to visit sometimes. Also I got the flu which makes staying coherent enough to write a bit of a challenge. Continue reading